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We are warning you that the birth pangs as described by Jesus are in full swing. Famine is coming that could be due to Quakes and climate cooling. A large Volcano eruption could destroy crops worldwide bringing famine.

"CIA" stands for Catholics In Action. going back to operation paper clip where German spies were imported to the CIA by the Vatican.

The microchip or "Mark of the Beast" is available and being implanted. Some think it is safe because there is no requirement to bow down yet! See Rev 13:17. It just takes an upload and a reboot to convert the chip into a trap. C'mon Christians, THINK!

To understand Él Señor Francisco, you have to understand the Jesuits and the oath they take!

There is no excuse for Vatican Pedophilia & Illuminati Blood Drinking;

And for those who want to know, here is the Shadow Government Exposed!


Archive January, 2018

206-The Revela- tion of Jesus Christ / Total Onslaught
This lecture introduces the book of Revela- tion and its Author. It is a verse by verse exposition of Revelation chapter 1 highlighting the deity of Christ, the method of interpretation and the great battle between good and evil. It takes us back to the time of ancient cultures right up to the present showing that apostasy towards the truth in the past finds its mirror image in the present... By Walter Vieth

Thought for FoodWatch

The Evolution of Growing Food

Merkel MeltWatch

Germany: Meet Jens Spahn, Merkel's Possible Successor

New Pyramid OrderWatch

Pope Francis wowed the world but, five years on, is in troubled waters

Vatican-Produced Pope Francis Documentary Hits Theaters in May. Calling it a documentary, in our view, may be too generous. Infomercial for the leader of the New World Order and the One World Church may be more appropriate.

The 'Illuminati' is REAL and secretly running our world claims former DEFENCE MINISTER

Holy WarWatch

Netanyahu Warns Israel Could Attack Iran if Tehran's Aggression Continues Unchecked

War on TruthWatch

Most Religious Americans 'Not Strongly Wedded' to Either Creation or Evolution, Sociologist Says

Biology is the only "science" that is mandated by law to teach a specific political truth.


Never Before Seen In History Showdown Fast Approaching Warned Signals Shattering Defeat Of West

Remember, America is not the rogue military agent here. It's the New Pyramid Order that controls America that seeks war in the middle east.

The Great PerversionWatch

Catholic Archbishop Says Pedophilia Is ‘Spiritual Encounter With God’ for the child

FBI CorruptionWatch

Disgraced FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe altered his summary of Mike Flynn interview

Russia Collusion: Nonie Darwish: Is that it?

False FlagWatch

Trump says FBI missed Florida shooter ‘signals’ spending ‘too much time trying to prove Russian collusion’

Kings of the EastWatch

China Steps Into The Middle East Maelstrom

False FlagWatch

QAnon Corroborates Hawaii Missile Attack & Hunt for Rogue CIA Submarine.


Arrest George Soros! Nigel Farage ORDERS the EU Parliament!

George Soros – One of the Greatest Threats Against Society?

Tax to OblivionWatch

Britain’s New Law UNEXPLAINED WEALTH ORDERS Targeting the Rich.

This is no different than the American FATCA and FBAR laws. Will the Government take your money from your bank to pay their debts? What about Obama who famously said, "It's not your money!"

Billy Graham

Controversial 99 year old Rev. Billy Graham has died according to several news reports citing church spokesman Mark DeMoss

Britain Protects PedophiliacsWatch

Westminster Child Sex Probe Exempts Politicians Over ‘National Security Concerns’


Mueller Creates his Own Conspiracy

What's outrageous is these indicted Russians are a bunch of little guys. George Soros on the other hand funds hundreds of organizations aimed at destroying the United States and that's OK? Mueller really is a disaster.

Former CIA Chief Admits US Meddling In Foreign Elections "For Their Own Good"


Why Silicon Valley Billionaires Are Now Prepping For The Coming Apocalypse In New Zealand

Archive January, 2017



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Total Onslaught Complete. Go deep into the Book of Revelation with Professor Walter Vieth!

Little Barbies: Sex Trafficking Of Young Girls Is America's Dirty Little Secret

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This is the End. Pope Gives Up Cryptic Hint

Jesuit Coadjutor Albert Pike's 1871 Plan for the Three World Wars

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