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Read the headlines. Go deeper. Ask yourself, what would the world look like before the True Messiah comes? Could that time be now?
Are the forces of Darkness faking the tribulation scenario only to trigger His coming?
Is Yehovah, Almighty God, using these events to force all peoples of the world to make a decision about their eternity? About who they are going to serve?
Messiah|Watch maintains that if you know The True Messiah, you'll be able to handily spot what is counterfeit in these tumultuous times.


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Archive October, 2017

About Messiah|Watch

Messiah|Watch is about gathering together the many converging story lines into one website on the subject of the "Tribulation" and the "Great Tribulation" or "Time of Jacob's Trouble". It is not about nor does it have the intent of criticizing anybody.

Prophecies that refer to the last Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Prophecies that pertain to the timing and placement of the 50 year Jubilee cycle found in the Old Testament. Prophecies pertaining to the last generation. Prophecies on the 2 "Beasts" and on the "Antichrist" all have web links to current news stories that are covered in the media.

If you have wondered like I have about what the unfolding of the events in the book of Revelation will look like on the ground in real time, you will find that there are many news reporters who are inadvertently writing about this very subject. They're reporting the end times right along with their coverage of wars, rumors of wars and famous leaders. Web page news articles on many organizations and persons are collected by us to help fill in the blanks. It's one theme with many stories telling the tale.

For instance, Governments today are telling their citizens to get ready for the end of tangible currency or cash. India has already implemented the cash ban at a great cost to its people. This is just one example. Taken together, a pattern emerges. A bible prophecy is fulfilled. A coordinated march to the New World Order emerges with no justice for all and the spoils go to the Elite.

It's about rebellion. It's about the quest for absolute control. It's about a man becoming the worshipful King of The World. It's about his failure through pride and violence. It's about the intervention of the one True God, Yehovah, in a war to end all war. No better action movie script could be written about this time. It is a non fiction reality event cryptically talked about in the scriptures. The Messiah wants all of his creation to go through a faith testing exercise.

You can read more about the overall theme of the last days at Understanding Messiah Watch. And there will be more to follow up on because the sides in this conflict are starting to form. They're going for broke. We'll report on it to the best of our ability.
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