Bible scholar, Michael Rood, who presents on the TV program "Shabbat Night Live" stated on his February 10th, 2017 broadcast that the tribulation begins on or close to October 1st according to the Creator's Calendar maintained by the Hebrew New Moon Society and available from Rood's website Here is a partial transcription of this broadcast in the form of notes.


Shabbat Night Live Notes
Airdate: 2/10/2017

Starting at 1 hour, 14 minutes and 52 seconds into the program.
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  • Michael has prayed for the past year for timing for when this prophecy is to come to pass.
  • Michael has a prophetic source he’s never met in another country where he needs a translator to understand the prophecy. He was told to pray about the hidden things.
  • Judah the Righteous: Rabbi Judah’s 13th century prophesy of 8 jubilees who says the next Jubilee will begin the end time messianic age. (2017).
  • 12th Century Rabbi Predicted Israel's Future
  • Michael prayed for all “those” years, “Has not the Almighty shown us His Jubilee’s?”
  • These are His Jubilees.
  • Isaiah Chapter 49, the acceptable time with the Almighty.
  • Israel is brought to the brink of extinction. There is no hope whatsoever for Israel to survive.
  • The Almighty crushes the invading army.
  • Zacharias thermonuclear war which has killed two thirds of the people brings all the Jews from the ends of the earth to the land of Israel. This war is about to transpire.
  • In the time of trouble ahead, they are going to be regathered into the land of Israel.

Quoting Michael:
[B]ecause the beginning of the Messianic Age, the end time Messianic Age, is upon us. The confirmation of the covenant. Watch. This fall, sundown September 23rd will be the day of trumpets.

(What Michael means by the confirmation of the covenent is the reappearance of the "Ark of the Covenant" The "Ark of the Covenant" was found in the 90's to be in a chamber directly below where Y'shua was crucified. Today that is located under the Garden Tomb site next to the Temple Mount. -editor)


“The upcoming day of trumpets will not be the gathering together or the rapture so much anticipated by the dispensational theologians of American gentile Churchianity. But rather the initiation of the intermediate fulfillment of the fall feast of the Lord.

Nuclear war will level Damascus and bring the nation of Israel to its knees. Right where Almighty God wants them before the revealing of the Ark of the Covenant on Yom Kippur (October 1).

According to the plan of Hussein Obama and the United Nations, millions of Israelis will be dead before the smoke clears.

Global economic collapse will precipitate the gathering of the lost tribes of Israel from the ends of the earth and bring them into the smoldering ruins of the land of Israel.

This will lead up to the feast of Tabernacles on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem soon to be purged of its gold domed abomination.

On the last great day, the latter rain, the double portion outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the sealing of the 144 thousand of all the tribes of Israel will equip the righteous for the final 7 year dash to the finish line and the reward ceremony on the sea of fire and glass.

Israel is the only nation that will not immediately come under the boot of the totalitarian New World Order because when all appears to be lost, the nation of Israel will call on the name of Yehovah and the Almighty will take the battle field on their behalf.

Yehovah’s promise to Abraham will be upheld and the fictitious moon god worshippers will acknowledge, at last, their folly and bow in respect to the one true God.

Those who are called will miraculously find their way to a sanctuary littered with dead bodies.

16 years ago at the time I was given the revelation concerning Zacharias thermonuclear war, I prophesied that the Muslims would be used to judge America. I could not have imagined that our brainwashed offspring would actually elect one of the most diabolical and deceitful Muslims on the face of the earth to lead them into their own destruction. Judgement is indeed beginning in the house of Yehovah.

It was a privilege to serve you. An honor to serve with you and it will be an honor to die by your side in the service of the King of Kings! Thee prophet, Y’shua Ha Mashiac. God have mercy on those who love Him and who are the called into His Kingdom. I will see you on the sea of fire and glass when the smoke clears. Shalom! Peace!”

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