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Read the headlines. Go deeper. Ask yourself, what would the world look like before the True Messiah comes? Could that time be now?
Are the forces of Darkness faking the tribulation scenario only to trigger His coming?
Is Yehovah, Almighty God, using these events to force all peoples of the world to make a decision about their eternity? About who they are going to serve?
Messiah|Watch maintains that if you know The True Messiah, you'll be able to handily spot what is counterfeit in these tumultuous times.


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Archive October, 2017

Understanding Messiah|Watch

Messiah|Watch is about understanding.

The Roman Catholic Church is a mystery to most Protestant Christians and atheists yet it is a fascinating organization of conflicting and emerging personalities, doctrine and intent. There are many traditions that this Church believes in that don't stand up to history or the Bible. For instance, the first Pontifex Maximus was Emporer Constantine in the 3rd century and not the Apostle Peter. Jesus himself said to call no man "Father" which is English for Pope.

But today they are politically powerful and ideoligically robust with branches spread to almost every city in the world. Various prophecies point to this time and this Pope Francis as the end time religious leader who will lead all men in the one world religion and one world government. The political side of Pope Francis is amazing in that he is emphasizing that the Roman Catholic Church has civil authority over all nation's governments placing himself as head of the New World Order.

Even though that sounds far fetched, it is the history of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe. If you don't know you can chalk that up to good marketing on their behalf. The Roman Catholic Church had achieved world domination until broken up by Martin Luther in the Protestant revolt. Luther unlike many resistors before him was spared death and granted protection when the princes of Europe sided with him as they all had had enough of the machinations and bullying of the Roman Catholic Church.

The United States specifically in its constitution banned religious influence in governmental affairs to protect the nation from a return of the influence of the Roman Catholic Church. Why? Because the church intended to make a comeback and rule the world.

10 years after the "protest" Ignatious Loyola founded the Society of Jesus a/k/a the Jesuits to undo the Protestant Reformation and return their church to its former glory as ruler of the world. They would prove to use any means possible to do so. (See the creed or oath of the Jesuits).

Today the table is set. The pyramid of power from the people to the governments to the deep state to the bankers to the secret societies (Freemasons, Illuminati and many other affiliated lodges) to the Jesuits and now at the top the very first Jesuit Pope. They are ready to spring their trap.

If, on the Biblical prophetic side, the signs today were not pointing to the start of the 7 year tribulation period written about in many places of the Bible, I think we could put the Roman Catholic revolutionaries back into their rightful deflated position. A frustrated church like they were right after the Reformation. This time now that the Roman Catholic Church has re-puffed itself back up, Yehovah is going to end it once and for all for they represent the will of Nimrod's Babylon to rule the entire world!

In the meantime, you can watch for an increase of Roman Catholic Church Inquisitions against non Roman Catholics with the help of their affiliates in Islam. This is because non Roman Catholics are a dead weight in their world. They refuse to be saved through the Roman Catholic Church, the self-confessed one and only "true" church. They have determined that they have an infallible right to destroy heretics to their man made religion as being the will of God. This is not new. It is the history of the many Roman Catholic Church inquisitions in times past. And as many know, history repeats itself.

We as a Christian people need to know when our church leaders slip off the narrow trail so that we don't follow them into perdition. Make no mistake, the Almighty God, Yehovah, has appointed these men to a bad end. We go there with them willingly if we follow them. Messiah|Watch tells this story in the players own words or as reported by the media. You should makeup your own mind.

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