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We are warning you that the birth pangs as described by Jesus are in full swing. Famine is coming that could be due to Quakes and climate cooling. A large Volcano eruption could destroy crops worldwide bringing famine.

"CIA" stands for Catholics In Action. going back to operation paper clip where German spies were imported to the CIA by the Vatican.

The microchip or "Mark of the Beast" is available and being implanted. Some think it is safe because there is no requirement to bow down yet! See Rev 13:17. It just takes an upload and a reboot to convert the chip into a trap. C'mon Christians, THINK!

To understand Él Señor Francisco, you have to understand the Jesuits and the oath they take!

There is no excuse for Vatican Pedophilia & Illuminati Blood Drinking;

And for those who want to know, here is the Shadow Government Exposed!


Archive December, 2017