Let's review 2017…

Messiah|Watch’s initial publication was July 20th, 2017. So, less than a half year has gone by and what a half year of news it was. The purpose of Messiah watch is to present news stories that reveal the slow, creeping movement of world society to the totalitarian control of the “One World” economic and military order. The New World Order. A veritable beautiful black swan in the eyes of the deranged elite. However, if it walks like a pig wearing lipstick, oinks like a pig wearing lipstick and looks like a pig wearing lipstick, what do you think it could be? Something smells funny and people are beginning to take notice. Could it be the wolves in sheep clothing wearing lipstick are at the door?

July, 2017

Global warming took a hit when NASA admitted that World Sea levels had fallen and not risen. But the Vatican says we should accept Global Warming without thinking because they want our money, you know!

The credibility of the Roman Catholic Cult continued to suffer from its sexual sins. In Australia, the highest ranking Vatican official so far was charged with pedophilia and 6 months later there has been no word of any prosecution. A bold new initiative for dealing with the predatory sexual sins of the Roman Catholic priests was offered by their Jesuit leader, Mr. Bergoglio. The Pedophile Priest is now allowed to turn himself in to himself and to absolve himself of his own sin by himself. POOF! All better. The sexual abuse of children wrapped up and tied with a bow. It's that easy!

We learned that the communist dictator of Venezuela had the support of the Catholic’s by their taking no position on the excruciating and painful forced exodus that is being inflicted on that country's people by their communistic leader. Historically, Catholic elites prefer totalitarian governments.

We lost a native of Australia, a fiancé and a soon to be bride to the long arm of a Muslim immigrant police officer in Minneapolis. She was shot at point blank range through the car door and they still can’t drum up the courage to put this perp on trial. More... Stay safe and stay away from Minnesota!

George Soros gets so many mentions this year that I have to think that there’s an army of Jesuit’s out there that wear George Soros wizard masks. Nobody can force his dirty paws off of the weapons he is using in his avowed quest to destroy the United States. You would think he would hang as a traitor if the government were to actually follow the Constitution.

And young Charlie Gard was ordered to die by starvation while on morphine by the EU judges in Britain where the bureaucrats are nothing but arrogant.

You can’t really call these Highlights, can you? As your Editor, I am left with profound sadness.

August, 2017

It was the month of signs from the heavens from hurricanes to an eclipse. The United States was “crissed” in August, or the first stroke of a crisscross. The cross stroke comes in 2024. This was considered by many to be a divine warning of the future destruction of the United States. Maybe in 2024 when the sign completes. In case you missed the eclipse, you can see it here.

The "Mark of the Beast" popped up again in August. This subject has risen from fantasy to reality as people are now voluntarily getting microchipped for convenience. If you look it up, the Greek words for "mark" in a Strong's Concordance you will learn that the word also describe the peculiar manufacturing process that is used to make microchips. So far this "Mark" is going into people's right hand, as specified in the Bible.

Hard to believe? NO! "Don't Be Evil" Google is censoring their search engine.

Crowd sourcing is the new word for the old game of false flags by paying money to protesters to create a riot. This is where Google censorship and fake news really hurts. Our adversary's love to tie our hands behind our backs with propaganda and then start pounding on us. Cowards. Liars.

What's with the Jesuit’s open promotion of child transsexuality? Are their ranks plagued with this psychological condition? Are we soon to see the first transsexual Jesuits? Hardly. They only promote what hurts the Protestant according to their foundational mission.

We report on more Muslim intolerance, this time from India.

The US congress slipped us a mickey and slipped in some new warrant-less search and seizure laws.

It was a record 8 feet of water in Houston in August and it was not a badge of distinction. It was the aftermath of hurricane Harvey over South Texas... a never before seen storm of such power and fury. That begot the question so we also focused on whether the use of weather weapon technology was employed in these mas Grande hurricanes.

Mr. Bergoglio, S.J., gathered world politicians at the Vatican and asked them to govern with Catholic principles?!? I hope you realize that these are the same principles of dictatorship that will under gird the New World Order and they're not new. Remember the centuries long persecution of true believers called the Roman Catholic inquisition? They still have an office of Inquisition, you know.

The United States field tests a new nuclear bomb design. Where are the protesters? Well, today, we have found out that you have to buy your protesters.

And Lil’ Kim kept posturing in North Korea. Like a pimple, theoretically he could ruin our day but I think he's having more fun ruining our peace of mind. The sky is not falling Mr. Kim Little!

September, 2017

August rolled into September and many of the concerns were the same. We'll start with the historic and devastating Hurricanes. The main event, Harvey wanes and Houston recovers, Irma storms in followed by Maria. There was very little that was not touched by these horrendous storms in the Caribbean in September.

And the national disasters kept coming. Mexico City was hit by a 7.1 earthquake and shook and suffered destruction and much loss of life. This was after an 8.1 magnitude quake which hit the south of Mexico taking the lives of 90. It's serious business when the Almighty God, Yehovah, shakes the ground.

US President Trump led a major push to find a peace deal for the Middle East that would work and his envoys were out seeking new ideas and listening to all parties. But political wrangling over the same sacred cows from the same entrenched camps popped up once again. My thinking is that when you stop paying off the leaders who aren't getting the job done for like the past 70 years, like Abbas and his ilk, you will start to see some results.

And yes, the old canard of the Israeli settlements in the west bank was hauled out and put on display for public whipping and once again the press neglects to tell the world that the Israeli settlements in the West Bank constitute only 2% of the land. Oh, but listen to the howls. Why be reasonable? It's big business sitting on your hands and opposing Israel.

A number of believers were caught up in end times fever in September! There was an unusual alignment of the stars for the Revelation 12 sign on September 23rd that caught a lot of interest and flak. When this kind of speculation happens, you can just say it won't happen and you would be correct except for the last time where it will happen and then you better have your wheels ready to scramble. Y'shua said that no one knows the day nor the hour. He didn't say anything about not knowing the week, month or year. So it pays to pay attention and be ready at all times like He said.

Mr. Bergoglio, S.J., is changing the Roman Catholic cult to accommodate the sinners to the horror of the rank and file pew sitter. The rank and file Roman Catholic is very uncomfortable with their fearless Jesuit leader condoning re-marriage, adultery, homosexuality, trans sexuality and kicking dogs. I made that up about the dogs but let me know if you find any evidence. An attempt to correct Mr. fearless leader was launched. Good luck with that. Mr. Bergoglio, S.J., wags the Vatican.

On the dark side, Mr. Bergoglio, S.J., in his alter ego as Francis gave a long interview where he declared that he is a Communist! And not only that, he declared that Christians are Communists. Maybe Roman Catholics are communists. Even so, think about it, the world's largest church movement through its Jesuit military branch takes over the Free World and the head guy wants to install worldwide communism! A reality of the end times is the death of 75% of the world population, according to the Bible. This is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. 100s of millions of people have been murdered by this evil movement in the last century. And now we know. It comes from wolves in sheep's clothing cooing unity. Disgusting.

And the Genie is out of the bottle. Scientists, and nobody is stopping them, are now rushing headlong into genetic manipulation. After all, we're just biological enzymes and proteins. So today's workers and slaves can be made to have an extra set of arms, for instance. It will be the latest rage in slaving at your place of work within 25 years! I'm sure.

October, 2017

If the Biblical 7 year tribulation started this, the month of October, then it starts with machine guns aimed at Country Music fans outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. This was a false flag catastrophe rolled up into a real live shoot 'em up and completely unfathomable. With the earmarks of government involvement, it's another disgusting event aimed at corralling us into a corner with propaganda before they open fire and wipe us all out.

The region of Catalonia, until now a semi-autonomous part of Spain, sought its independence from its mother nation's heavy hand with a call for independence. The burden on Catalonia, a wealthy sector of Spain, was not to their benefit. Welcome to Socialism. Socialists love you until they run out of your money. Anyway, it didn't end well and the Iron Curtain of the European Union continues to slither down on Spain.

Would you ever move the date of your 6 year old child's birthday say by 3 months or so? Of course not! What lard brain would be so cruel? So what is this birthday celebration on December 25th all about? Hmm? Jesus Christ came to fulfill the feasts of Yehovah (Almighty God) that are found in the Bible. Specifically the Feast of Tabernacles. It was the birthday of Jesus this month and since we are told to be like a child, then it is easy to apply childlike logic and celebrate the Birthday of Birthdays on The Feast of Tabernacles. Happy belated birthday, Jesus.

But a stir arose in the land for there was a convincing prophecy that pointed to the commencement of the Tribulation this month. So sorry, Charlie Brown. True believers need to get a grip on how effectively the Jesuits have corrupted the Christian Church when it comes to prophecy and the end times.

Speaking of Jesuits, Mr. Bergoglio, S.J., a/k/a Francis, the self-avowed Communist, put his theology to work and dismissed an anti-communist Arch Bishop. 'We can't have any of that goin' on around here, can we?' Seeing this on the horizon as the world's future form of government we take a closer look.

A huge part of operating a communist state is stealing the property of others. So, what's a responsible religious leader to do? How about downgrading the Ten Commandments. Fitting since most of the Protestant Church already has fallen into this trap. Apparently Mr. Bergoglio a/k/a Francis, S.J., the chief architect of Muslim immigration can speak from both sides of his mouth. One side warns of Islamization and the other side pushes for a more welcoming attitude towards Muslim immigrants by the United States.

End times fever got some commuters off track in London when a man began to preach from the Bible on the last days!

Right out of the enemy's war handbook in the chapter on Laodicea, a prominent Presbyterian Minister said Christianity is not the only way to Heaven.

US President Trump ominously warned in October that the feathers were about to hit the fan and boy did they! We saw the first expose of Hollywood sexual harassment in the Harvey Weinstein scandals which have mushroomed and expanded to seriously bite offenders from all walks of media, government and news outlets like NPR. But this was only the beginning of draining the swamp. More was to come in November.

November, 2017

It started in Hollywood and then it moved to Washington where Bill Clinton's sexual assault legacy has come back into the glare of the headlights. New creeps have been outed like former Congressman Anthony Weiner, actor Kevin Spacey, studio mogul Jack Warner posthumously, producer of "Arrow the Flash", Andrew Kreisberg, Senator and clown Al Franken, members of Congress, TV hosts Charlie Rose, religious sect the Jehovah's Witnesses, the bureaucrats of The Pentagon, NBC's Matt Lauer, yes Santa Claus, Garrison Keilor and many more that we didn't cover.

The only time that you will hear that the Roman Catholic Church is going bankrupt is when they are under legal attack for sexual abuse. This time it is the Roman Catholic Church of Canada. I highly doubt they're broke. But it is convenient. So how do they explain their tendency to cover it all up? It is temptation that they can't resist, they say! Comedian Flip Wilson used to say, the Devil made him do it!

With the mutual development of robotics and artificial intelligence there is some concern that this matches up with future Bible prophecy for an "image of the "beast" in the end times. We already have realistic life sized sex robots using artificial intelligence to communicate with the "John". Could this develop to the point of becoming a robot that is capable to confront citizens in the street to somehow declare loyalty to the beast or display their "mark" as a remote extension of the beast government?

In our quest to get a grip on just how much the government is spying on us, we followed these stories in November. A couple suspicious of their phone made this revealing video about FACEBOOK spying. We also discovered that HP loaded their computers with SPYWARE unbeknownst to their customers. And their CEO wants to be President? Then when you think that disabling tracking on your Android phone is a safe bet and a positive step? Think again. "Don't be evil" Google keeps on keeping on spying on you. Ignore these smoking guns on privacy invasion at your peril.

The term abortion is such a misnomer. Murder best describes it and the implications are eternal. Planned Parenthood is beginning to feel the pinch. But never fear, the Roman Catholic Church has their back. Under Mr. Bergoglio, S.J., the Vatican has been turned to embrace abortion.

The Vatican is active in pushing for heavy taxes worldwide to combat climate change. They aren't solving the problem of human trafficking and they're participating in various depopulation schemes underway at the present. These were exposed by Elizabeth Yore in this video which is heavily critical of her church.

So what was George "I hate America" Soros up to in November? He was influencing the European Parliament to follow his corrupted ways. With billions to blow, he might be the Baby Huey of world politics. He also poured money into preserving the poorly named Obama created Net Neutrality Internet law calling those in opposition to it racist. Such a bully! The entire history of the Internet shows that it operates fine without so-called net neutrality. Moral to the story, if George Soros is for something you can rest assured that it is not in your best interest.

If you knew that being microchipped was the "Mark of The Beast", would you get microchipped? Looking at the Greek word translated as "mark" in the book of Revelation as "Mark of the Beast" means something that is; a scratch or etching, that is, stamp (as a badge of servitude), or sculptured figure: - graven, mark according to scholar James B. Strong. I then looked up the process used to make microchips and discovered that this perfectly describes the manufacturing process for making microchips! Found first in the Bible. Wow!

President Sisi of Egypt jumped into the mid-east peace fray in November. A good sign for President Trump's approach of listening to all sides and getting the region working on the problem. The Saudi's and the Palestinians got together and tried to Reconcile. President Trump and his team began a draft of a peace plan. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

December 2017

LOWER TAXES! As US President Trump and the Congress wrangled over the plan, a threat came in from the Vatican of all places warning of consequences to Republicans. If this doesn't indicate the aims of the Roman Catholic Church to bind the world into communism, then you have an over abundance of earwax. The most significant item in the new law is the relief offered to all people with the elimination of the Obamacare mandate. This is a fresh breath of freedom and a dose of reality to the insurance industry. Overall the Tax cut will be a big boost to small business. The world is jealous. The Vatican is furious.

Stir the pot Mr. Trump! The United States has decided to follow through on a decades old law to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. How do you think that went over with the Palestinians? Time to burn the Tires? The Roman Catholics, meanwhile, say that it spoiled Christmas! Awww! No specific date was set for the move and it will require building a new facility. Curiously and perhaps it is the Hegelian dialectic, the Roman Catholic Leader in Gaza was urging Palestinian revolt in the land. Bah Humbug!

The European Union has been taking massive hits with near revolts and exits for some time now. Going back to the failure of Greece, the British Exit and now the Italians are talking about an exit. What's a Dictator to do? Negotiate? Offer help and address the grievances? No. How about forming an ARMY!!! Warren Zevon was right. Send lawyers guns and money. Works every time... all the time!

The long drawn out Syrian conflict begins to wind down in December under Russian leadership. Meanwhile the US focuses on the destruction of the ISIS terror group created by the US in the first place. President Trump has been successful in working to ease tense relations over Syria with Russia created by the Obama/Clinton regime over the routing of dirty deal oil pipelines. Russia has been kind enough to help the US save face.

The sudden rise into the mainstream of Bitcoin was a remarkable event in December. Being welcomed into the Wall Street futures market is a curious step of surprise legitimacy. The word is now out that Bitcoin was planned all along to lead us into a single world currency which will be a dictator's dream come true and a worldwide disaster for the rest of us. Created in 2009 with a value of $0 it has risen lately close to near $19,000. Predicted by the Elite some 20 years ago, Bitcoin ain't going away any time soon. However, the big problem with it is it is extremely hard to spend!

Technology and those who control it has always been at war with us. Even the old land line telephone was listening in to our conversations. We know that if it is wireless or has a USB port and is plugged in to the Internet, it is a SPY in our midst and should be treated as a spy and not as a friend.

So how safe are cellphones? Our fake news media ignores the hazards but they're documented and real. According to US Government experts, the cellphone exceeds permissible radiation levels when held to our ear. There is a Government fine for a violation by workers who are working too close to an operating cellphone tower but, hey, not a worry for us. Now hold that thing an inch away from your ear and it is within standards but is that good enough? This is only related to the effect of heating the skin by microwave energy. Does the PULSING of the cellphone radio frequency cause cancer? The government is not ready to even look into that. Caveat emptor. Protect yourself.

Our Man... Your Man... The Man in Rome continues to ruffle feathers. A new book has appeared from an anonymous source, The Dictator Pope. Candid interviews with close observers at the Vatican. What's a Dictator to do? Go on a witch hunt for the anonymous author. What do you think? The rack? The guillotine? Many thanks to this author for putting his or her life and livelihood on the line. Mr. Bergoglio, S.J., an avowed communist is a dangerous man and right now he is the prime candidate for leader of the first Beast with the healed wound and the role of false Prophet. If you must know, the second beast is the United States according to the impeccable Biblical scholarship of Walter Vieth.

Before we put a wrap on our year-end insights into the news of 2017, let's take it on out on a dark technology note. We discovered that Windows 10 is a government spy machine even if you could shut off all of its apps. And the Apple iPhone has forced obsolescence technology built in to it that throttles back the phone performance when the battery gets old. You're not supposed to replace the battery, eh? You're supposed to buy a new phone, right? Greed!

What makes you think 2018 will be any better?