What Constitutes Messiah|Watch News?

Generally speaking it is news that has the invisible hand of Satan behind it. If you know what you are looking for, you can easily see the tug of the puppet strings. It is also an understanding of what the Messiah permissively allows. Right now the restraints are still in place on Satan but his many henchmen in the guise of world leaders are very active.

Because it is so late in prophetic time, many of the schemes of Satan are not worth bothering about. Take, for instance, the iPhone 10 etc. How about the Super Bowl Half-Time Show. It has always been a Satanic diversion. Ho hum. Entertainment in all it's shapes and forms is diversionary.

Modern tech is extremely diversionary. It comes with an awful rub. You are paying the servants of Satan to divert you away from noticing the prison walls being erected around you while you gladly give them the them the money to do it.

If that is you, Messiah|Watch isn't for you. It's for the people who are awake and alive and want to rescue you, if possible.

The world is governed through an organization called the Vatican. They are the world's largest purveyors of sex crimes against children. They are the world's biggest and longest running conspiracy to rule the world. It's not a theory.

Stories that track the true nature of organizations such as the Vatican, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the private national Reserve Banks are of the utmost importance to know about. What is their next woe to come to push us into their trap like the 911 crisis which turned airports into human cattle chutes.

In the Bible, the Vatican is the first beast and the leader, the Pope, has always been the Antichrist or the one "in place of Christ". But there is a second Beast that is revealed in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It comes on the scene speaking like a lamb only to wind up speaking with the mouth of the Dragon. This Beast is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Our ongoing series with PhD. scholar Walter Vieth, lays out the damning evidence in his series Total Onslaught. We are serializing this 36 part teaching series and the whole series is available at Total Onslaught as well as Amazing Discoveries, Walter Vieth's website.

Around about the time of President Lincoln, the Roman Catholic Society of Jesus, a/k/a the Jesuits began their assault in earnest to destroy the Protestant United States. Little by little they ended up with the prize. Total control of the economy of the richest nation in history and it's military.

Need to conduct an inquisition against your mortal enemy, the Russian Orthodox Church, just have the Jesuits get your Illuminati servants, the Rockefeller's to ship the gold at Fort Knox to Russia to fund the Russian Communist Revolution.

Need a fool to make up a political theory for this kind of government, give money to an idiot by the name of Karl Marx and don't tell him you are the religious opiate he hates known as the Roman Catholic Jesuits.

Need to de-stabilize the world or re-draw it's borders? Have the Jesuits sponsor Adolph Hitler and the Nazi war machine in a first attempt to create a New World Order. Then push the world's richest nation to aim its fire power at Europe and Japan continuing unto today with N. Korea, Iran and the middle east and on and on. Now you know that the Beast... THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the subdued muscle behind the New World Order on behalf of the Pyramid of Satan.

Today, the cabal of evil is being exposed. It is creaking along but there is not enough people in the world that are willing to give up their diversions and stand for liberty like the true patriots that founded the United States. We stand or we perish. That is perish while staring at our personal entertainment device of the moment.

It's not hopeless. Jesus Christ explains it in advance. It will take an act of God himself, Jesus Christ, to fully stop this corruption, death and destruction. Oh, happy day! But the darkness is the darkness before dawn and that's where we are today.

It seems pretty obvious to me. Toss out TV sports and your favorite entertainment medium and get on your knees and pray for the people to wake up. Time is short. It won't be pretty. The least we can do is pray for our brothers and sisters to come out of the deception and fill their lamps with oil before it's too late and the bridegroom comes.

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up. (James 4:10)